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Entrant Name
DLR Group

Design Team
Scott Mead, Michael Vander Ploeg, Vicki Ha, Rob Deane

Description: Foushee, Contractor: Olin Wick, RJ Canyock, Tony Steinback, Mark Stillwell, Anna Fujimoto, Jim Baer

Owner / Client
Seattle Design Festival 2014- Design in Public, AIA Seattle


All Submissions > Scale 1: Human Scale

“Alleyscope uses the reflection geometry of a periscope to create a unique distorting experience, while also solving a way finding disconnect for the Seattle Design Festival.”
-Design Team
Inherently, the alley is seen and experienced in a linear format. Its contents, however, are hidden or exposed depending on the viewers very specific place in space. By providing a collection of reflective surfaces, a series of shifting perceptions are conceived that allow the alley to be seen and perceived from constantly changing positions. The effect of shifting and creating views into the alley creates a space which is no longer discovered in a singular linear manner. Awareness of content and activity in the alley become present, while those activities and contents of the alley become associated with the events of the surrounding street and park. In addition, the simple structure creates a seemingly complex web of discovery that changes at every angle. These unforeseen interactions created with structure and reflective surfaces provide a unique experience to all.