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Design Team
Kevin Flanagan - Principal in Charge Boris Srdar - Design Principal Malcolm Jollie - Project Manager David Shaffer - Project Architect Mark Winsor - Project Architect Amanda Clausen - Interior Designer Teresa Alvarado - BIM Model Manager Heidi Deaver - Architectural Technician Junghee Kim - Architectural Technician Erik Tremain - Architectural Technician

Coughlin Porter Lundeen - STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Engineering Economics - MECHANICAL ENGINEER Coffman Engineers - ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Coughlin Porter Lundeen - CIVIL ENGINEER Weisman Design Group - LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Cornerstone GCI – GENERAL CONTRACTOR

Owner / Client
Bellevue School District, Dr. Amalia Cudeiro – Superintendent; Kyle McLeod – Capital Construction Project Manager

Ardmore Elementary School

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Compact Openness

The project explores surprise and discovery over time in a compact yet internally very transparent and deliberately porous structure. The notion of non-linear learning is embodied in the variety of meandering paths available throughout the building, gradually revealing different spaces, those close and those far away. Transparency pervades the building. It is both a design tool used to amplify the interior experiential quality, as well as an “educational transparency”, designed to foster easy collaboration and an overall sense of community. The space flows in both horizontal and vertical directions, revealing the depth achieved by straddling the grades.

In such an environment the dedicated and informal educational spaces are intertwined, enabling learning to happen everywhere and anywhere: in the classrooms, in the courtyard, under the stairs or at any other location inviting to an inquisitive student or a small group. The building is designed so that the longer you wander throughout the interior, the more opportunity you will have to find a space, moment and time to enjoy.

The intuitive design strategies; such as compact organization, straddling the topography to create the best site response, and providing plentiful daylighting by protected courtyard environments; work in conjunction with the major energy saving strategies such as earth coupled heat pumps and a super insulated envelope. In the last year of operation, the school’s EUI was 18 kBtu/sq. ft.